Proposed ICDL Africa-Rwanda Government Cooperation

This cooperation was recently discussed during a meeting between Daniel Palmer, General Manager, ICDL Africa, and Hon. Jean-Philbert Nsengimana, Minister for Youth and ICT (MYICT). Other key attendees included Rosemary Mbabazi, Permanent Secretary, MYICT, and Jerome Gasana, Director General of the Workforce Development Authority (WDA).

Key points from the meeting were the discussion of successful government-led ICDL initiatives around the world, including Singapore, Kenya, and Egypt, and the proposal to move forward with collaboration on a national ICDL implementation project in Rwanda. Cooperation between ECDL Foundation, ICDL Africa, MYICT, and the WDA will solidify Rwanda’s position as an innovative ICT economy in 

According to Daniel Palmer (ICDL Africa): “This visit has provided an exciting opportunity to work with Minister Nsengimana and his team to integrate ICDL into Rwanda’s vision to become the ‘Singapore of Africa’. We look forward to progressing our collaboration further in the weeks and months ahead.”