Digital Inequality Study Among Older Adults

A study on digital inequality among older adults in Malta is being investigated by Mr Marvin Formosa at the European Centre for Gerontology at the University of Malta.

The research study is being sponsored by the Malta Communications Authority and aims to investigate the effects that digital exclusion can have on daily living in later life. From recent statistics issued by Malta’s National Statistics Office (NSO) only 38.4% and 26.4% of people aged 65 or more have access to and use computers respectively.

The results are expected to offer some insight into how Malta can improve e-literacy and e-competence levels amongst older persons. Moreover, studying the wide range of rationales why older adults tend not to engage with ICT provides further insight into the cause and effect relationship of digital exclusion throughout the second half of the life course.

The hypothesis that is being forwarded is that such lower rates of access to and usage of computers is due to specific socio-economic, psychological and health-related barriers faced by older cohorts and generations.