In today's workplace, it is important that employees have the ability to use technology efficiently and effectively. Employers expect job applicants to have computer skills prior to being hired, whereas employees with the right skills have the potential to progress further in their careers. Employers know that people with computer skills are more productive. They use technology to communicate more effectively and waste less time troubleshooting IT issues. Employers want employees who are skilled and who will contribute to achieving the goals of the business in the most efficient, effective, and productive manner.

Workforce Development Agency ( Singapore) - Promoting Recovery, Enhancing Productivity

ICDL was chosen by WDA Generic Skills Development Division who were looking for a computer skills training programme that would improve workers employability.


The National Police of Colombia Certify Their Digital Skills to the International Standard: e-Citizen

The Colombian National Police have, in this respect, been pioneers in Latin America, by becoming internationally certified with the e- Citizen certification.


Toyota Africa - Private Sector Employees ICT Skills Development

Toyota Tsusho Africa, turned to ICDL in order to overcome just such a problem in ensuring a uniform level of ICT literacy amongst its 1,300 employees in Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Angola, Zambia, and Mauritius.


Volkswagen as ECDL Test Centre in Germany

ECDL training is optional, as are all of the training and additional education opportunities offered at VW. As part of human resource development, the decision about the necessity of particular training is carried out in the cooperation of managers and their staff.


United Nations Headquarters in New York Implements ICDL

The ICDL certification had to be introduced as a new standard in the organisational culture. Correspondingly the same standard has to be maintained for all the trainers across the organisation.


Goodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania Offers ICDL Certification

Goodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania is a service agency and network of not-for-profit businesses, whose mission is to help people with special needs overcome barriers to employment and enjoy the dignity and benefits of work and improved quality of life.


The Challenges of Delivering ECDL to a Large Organisation: La Poste - France

The primary issue with targeting La Poste as a potential ECDL client was the sheer size of the company. Understanding the regional, local, and central command structure - required a considerable period of research.


ECDL at the French Ministry of Defence

The French Army now requires that all Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) show comprehensive basic ICT skills before being introduced to complex military technologies.