Being digitally literate is important; not just so that students will be able to function in the academic world, but also to be better prepared for life. The ICDL program is designed to ensure that students can attain a standardized level of proficiency in the use of computers and compete at a global level. Studies have shown that students are more proficient in education when they can meet a high standard of computer usage and digital literacy.

ICT skills in the Italian Education System - ECDL as the National Standard in Schools and Universities

An agreement was signed between the Italian Ministry of Education and the Italian Computer Society (AICA) in 1999 making ECDL the official standard for evaluating computer skills in the Italian education system.


South Korean Universities - University Capacity Building Project

Since early 2010, the aim has been to establish ICDL as a vocational training programme in universities, with the objective of equipping students with the skills needed to maximise their employability in the globalised economy.


The Implementation of ECDL in the German Federal School System

To date, the largest 10 of the 16 states within Germany have signed landmark framework agreements, accepting ECDL as the recognised benchmark standard for ICT skills competence in secondary and vocational schools.


District 1199C Training and Upgrading Fund, Breslin Learning Center, Philadelphia

ICDL certification has been integrated into a health informatics program called Electronic Health Information. This is a part-time, 30 week certificate with an internship.


Northwest State Community College integrates ICDL into Database Programmer Certificate

They choose to include ICDL certification in the course because of its international recognition and its vendor neutrality. Entry requirements to the program are a pass rate on four ICDL diagnostics tests Modules 1, 2, 4 and 5.


ICDL Provides Skills for Students at Pennsylvania's Intermediate Units

The intermediate units (IUs) deliver technology-rich instructional and operational services to school districts, charter schools, and over 2,400 non-public and private schools. The flexibility of the ICDL is well suited to the ICT skills needs of the IU's students.