About ECDL Foundation

As the worldwide licensing authority and governing body for the ECDL Foundation range of certification programs, ECDL Foundation are responsible for the following areas:

  • Setting the Standard: ECDL Foundation sets and maintains reliable, high-quality standards for all its certification programs
  • Quality Assurance: In order to preserve and enhance the quality of its certification programs, ECDL Foundation regularly reviews their content, currency, validity, and delivery infrastructure
  • Program Development: ECDL Foundation works with international experts to continually develop its range of certification programs, in line with market needs and technological advancements
  • Licensing & Governance: ECDL Foundation licenses the use of its Intellectual Property to national awarding bodies around the world and oversees the implementation of its programs against a defined set of procedures
  • Global Development: ECDL Foundation is a recognized international advocate for digital literacy. It promotes digital literacy awareness and investment through strategic partnerships with governments, European institutions, international NGOs and other like minded organizations, utilizing its extended network of National Awarding Bodies, Accredited Test Centers, and courseware providers to deliver its certification programs to individuals and organizations within each country