Customized ICDL Profile

With ICDL Profile, you choose the module combinations best suited to you. After passing the tests, those modules then represent your ICDL Profile, which are listed on your ICDL Profile certificate.

Here are a few examples of different customized ICDL Profiles:

As a Marketing Manager, I analyse the results of campaigns and regularly deliver presentations and reports on these results to clients. Learning the best practices of spreadsheets and presentations has made my work look more professional, and it takes me less time. This is my ICDL Profile:

Example Profile High School Student

Being a High School Student, I knew ICDL would help me with my studies. I've saved lots of time writing assignments and researching online. After I completed the Online Collaboration module, I started my own blog and created a wiki for my class. This is my ICDL Profile:


Example Profile Office Manager

I'm an Office Manager so I use spreadsheets daily to coordinate work and processes. I was genuinely surprised by how much I didn't know about them and how many tasks I could streamline and automate. I’ve also introduced cloud-based productivity tools to the office which everyone is finding useful. This is my ICDL Profile: